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“We are not given a good life or a bad life.
We are given a life.
It’s up to us to make it good or bad.

– Ward Foley –


Past – that leaves us a trace, Future – we are planning and the Present – we are living in.

The quality of our relationships, the unity of our approach, the sum of our actions.

Everyone’s story is unique, we all gain different values of our lifes. What do you want to get out of it?

We have the opportunity to consciously shape our actions, destiny, and future. We always have a choice. We can decide in several ways. Cross roads move to different paths, leading to different adventures. Where do you want to arrive, with whom, how, on what kind of journey, why?


A structured conversation that helps you solve a particular problem or implement a future goal.

The role of coaching is the awakening of personal motivation and inner urge. It enhances self-awareness, strengthens self-confidence, contributes to a balanced, long-lasting happy state of life.

What can coaching do for you?

It helps you to see clearly your current situation of life, find opportunities and choose the most ideal vision. Start a new direction and keep the goal.

What can a coach offer?

A safe atmosphere where you get confidence, without criticism or judgment. Active listening results in enormous power.

Why is it easier together than alone?

Already the first step moves you forward: you think through, gather, formulate, say, sum up your topic. Together, we expand your world and give you space for freedom and inner wisdom.

Can coaching do more that a conversation with a friend?

Friends can help a lot, but in a friendly conversation there is always interest, opinion, desire and fear of both parties. Coaches retain their own conviction and at all times work with the client’s value system, resources, feelings and goals. So you will surely find your own dreams, paths, and solutions.

What does Systemic Constellation mean?

This is a technique where we map and reshape your situation. It makes the story clear, lets understand relationships, imbalances, “injustices” and the conflicts. We transform the starting image to a system, where everything is in balance, harmony and your inner peace is satisfied. As we rewrite your story, you learn to handle your new you, where a well-functioning new “system” offers an ideal position for you.

Come and join me, recreate yourself, let go of the past and enter the perfection of this very moment!