Life coaching


Coaching focuses on the solution beyond the problems, so it creates progress, opens a space for change, for something new.
All this with optimism, confidence and faith.

We create new values and a meaningful life within the framework of coaching, professional methods and efficient versions of systemic constellation.

Resolve conflicts and reinstate the elements;
Draw strength, faith and enthusiasm to move forward;
Re-evaluate the happenings and resolve the difficulties.

Join us for a discussion in person, on skype or on the phone!

Consultations shall be subject to full confidentiality.

We recommend a personal meeting if you have not been to us and personal contact is important to you.
Phone or Skype conversations are suggested when you are already in the coaching process and / or prefer the comfort of your home.


Come and visit us…

Have a rest and tell what happened to you on your life path;
Learn more about your values, strenghty, abilities, your true self;
Align yourself with your “map” and see where your way leads.