Team Coaching

– Focus, Position Recognition, Progress, Motivation, Awareness, Success, Challenge, Co-operation, Action –

A method that combines the most effective coaching techniques with the team support.


  • The process consists of 5 + 1 steps according to the basic concept, which can be expanded depending on the topic and needs of the participants.
    All steps focus on solely one issue.
  • Each time we work on one topic that is represented by a member of the group or the whole group.
    The representative/-s of the topic describe(s) the base situation, circumstances, difficulties, challenge, conflict, obstuction or the concrete task to be solved.
  • The members of the group broaden the starting point with their own insights and intuitions, to which the representative / representatives of the topic reflect and / or forward.
  • At the end of the process, you will be named specific goals, tasks, deadlines, supporters, resources selected by the owner of the topic. In common objectives, the group shares the tasks.


  • Team members are dealing with common situation;
  • Their aim is a deeper, more complex understanding of the chosen topic;
  • Participants are willing to work together to improve their personal efficiency and satisfaction; able to put their own fears aside; listen to each other’s views and insights;
  • The members are all open to development;
  • They undertake judgments and criticisms.


  • Optimal team size: 6-10 people
  • Number of occations: 4-8
  • Frequency: once a week
  • Duration: approx. 120 minutes
  • Location and date: by appointment
  • Team coaching price: depends on the number of participants and the number of sessions
    (For example, 4 occasions for 6 people, HUF 180 000 + VAT, 6 occations for 8 persons, HUF 360 000 + VAT)
  • The method can be supplemented by individual coaching sessions as a support and follow-up to weekly commitments, tasks.